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letra de rothsea-o – tommy makem


one new year’s eve in glasgow town
when all we had was half a crown
a bunch of us thought we’d prowl around
and find some fun in rothsea-o
we wandered down victoria street
we didn’t care much for snow or sleet
and at half past two with achin’ feet
we found ourselves in rothsea-o
a dithum a doo a dum a dee
a dithum a doo a dad a no
a dithum a doo a dum a dee
the night we went to rothsea-o
tom clancy here, he’s a bit of a lout
said he’d treat us all to a pint of stout
so as quick as we could we all set out
for a public house in rothsea-o

said i ‘my lads i’d like to sing’
says i ‘you’ll do no such a thing’
i said ‘clear the room and we’ll make a ring
and i’ll fight ye all in rothsea-o’
we had to find a place to sleep
we were all too drunk to even creep
we found a place that was really cheap
in a boarding house in rothsea-o
we all laid down to take our ease
when somebody happened for to sneeze
and he wakened half a million fleas
in a single room in rothsea-o
there were several different kinds of pests
they ran and they jumped inside our vests
they got in our hair and they built their nests
and cried ‘hurrah for rothsea-o’
says i ‘i think i’ll head for home’
and we swore we never more would roam
and we’re scratching still as we sing this poem
of the night we went to rothsea-o