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letra de eyes fall out - tom (aus)


why’re you lying? see it in the way your pupils lean
this act confuses me
i’d be happier if you actually answered truthfully
played it cool, he made a moving speech
something like a movie scene
he didn’t take to brute defeat too well
inhale to get his feet from h-ll
but since he passed i reek myself
remember being two months clean
my girlfriend was proud, i was still running from what occurred in my house
so when i’d hurt i’d get loud, tough turning it down, what surfaced from the dirt
thе culture is on loop
look closer at his coffin like i’m supposеd to become you
as every son is taught
the roaches i’ve been coughing got me heavy under god
the ghosts that i’ve been boxing, never letting down my guard
maybe a month before he passed i told him it was options, i could leave if i wanted, people i could call if he screams at my mother one more time
raise one more finger, you won’t see me again
not one more lie or dime stolen

just leave me decomposing
please, the people know it
i’ve been keeping focused, i don’t need both folks here
need me a decent opponent
an equal, these fleas are below me
keep moving slowly, it’s creaking
the cracks in your story, the more that your feet meet the cracks in the road that’s below me
rapping at the cracks in my phone
the facts just don’t fold, they grasp at these clones
black in my throat, so it’s rasp my in tone, seen harassment at home

might …