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letra de 07/14/19 freestyle - tierra whack


[n-gg- what n-gg- who instrumental]

[verse: tierra whack]
yo i was going to take a sip
but i ain’t even thirsty
it’s summer time, man my own son/sun tried to burn me
n-gg-s acting brand new jersey
put a n-gg- in surgery, if he tryna curb me
you prolly don’t get it
that just shows you ain’t worthy, that’s unworthy…
you a die off of power charlie murphy
my own blood hating on me and that sh-t hurts me
raised since a have not, lord have mercy
tryna get a miller like percy
that was weak, but if it’s beef, we can meet/meat like turkey
sis call 12 now bobby on 12:30, laid out
you wearing coach shoes like they ain’t played out
your man kicked you out, girl, you should’ve stayed out
what’s a challenge to a champion?
staying my ground like i’m anakin
you want to be a real man but you’re just a mannequin
panicky man vanishing sweet like mandarin
speaking in mandarin calling for help but n-body’s answering
blessed cause i “woke up this morning…”, anthony hamilton
yo, they hate to hear a girl rap, quick to say that girl wack
who the hottest in the world? it’s tha girl whack
your girl back, i’m a grammy nominee
on the road to success i been tryna find the key
millionaire in a year is what i’m tryna be
“ay girl you so fly!” they like “why emcee?”
in a ymca and i’m listening to me