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letra de down in heaven - thumper


made a bet i couldn’t win
in a bar called the closed casket
i’m selling all my things
just a knee jerk reaction
feeling horrible inside
refracting laughter through my window
glaze the animal tonight
and i’ll consume him tomorrow
i did it to myself
i rifle through your drawers
i’ll make up some excuses
hoping for the worst
wind up just feeling useless
well, you know i fear the dream
clawing at the silent alarm
well don’t bite the hand that feeds
unless it owes you an arm
i did it to myself
setting off at a slow pace
my money’s on the overdog
get one last look at the place
it’s funny but i don’t laugh
and i know that it’s the end
crush my last tenner in my pocket
missing my ghost limb
down in heaven with the office
i did it to myself
because i deserved it