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letra de street fame - thug life


it was a dope spot front yard, one on one strappin
that’s the way it was way before all the scr-ppin
earned my f-ckin props from the g’s in the hood
put in work, did some dirt, never snitched, never would
rollin the fat jaguars with my n-gg- p blowin up
time comin back sippin henessey
seventeen years old and i felt like god mad rich
and i had my pick of any fine b-tch
and my family was known to be great, seen slightly more
representin no matter who sets it on
street power, why you n-gg-z flip and you thug sh-t
i be bout my motherf-ckin grip, nothin else
gets between me and mine, just remember that
d-mn it’s a shame, but still i’m in the game
i’m tryin to get street fame

“i’m a superstar..”, “i’m a superstar..”
“i’m a superstar, made it by street fame”
“i’m a superstar..”, “i’m a superstar..”
“i’m a superstar, made it by street fame”

[big syke]
don’t blame my mama, don’t blame my daddy
i know they wish they never had me
in and out of jail by twelve, failin out of school
cause i was livin by the street rules
hangin with hogs, droppin dawgs as a little loc
i was gettin my respect but i was still broke
into the game and expanded to the cocaine
went from double-ups, to slangin them whole thangs
focused on my mail name ringin like a bell
and even with no proof they gonna put me in jail
everbody says he’s sold and i’m outta control
motherf-ckers gossip but i still roll (n-gg-)
b-tches want my cash on my dash of my c-ckpit
they wouldn’t know a motherf-cker if he didn’t have sh-t
so while i’m ballin and kickin up dust, get yo’ skull crushed
b-tch-made n-gg-z know not to f-ck with us
cause i’m livin on the edge, i’m blastin lead
wanted by the feds, they got to take me dead
so f-ck it drive a bucket in the inner city
in the land of no pity, i made it by the street fame

[chorus] – 2x

[the rated r]
i’m a super star, made it by street fame
i had to make some people feel the pain, in this dirty game
i know i’m on my way to h-llll
ain’t no yellow bricked road for all the n-gg-s that i done smoked
the hood done took me under, a n-gg- gots no heart
don’t get it twisted cause i’m there with my homey’s car
i kill for my n-gg-z, my n-gg-z kill for me
that’s the love you get, from the drunk one, you put in work see
i’m a g with a gang of n-gg-z after
tryin to peal me, cause i smoked they homey
what comes around goes around is what makes it worse
i smoke blunts all day to keep my mind off a he-rs-
they don’t stop stop til my casket drop drop
let me ride, but all i want, thou shalt not beef or die
and it don’t matter if i rap or plays
cause i blow out back of some minds, f-ck the fame


“.. made it by street fame”
{-repeat to the end-}