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letra de psychonaut - thonian horde


begin this journey without distraction
another defect to be found
upon the astral plane of psyche
subjective reality’s abound
this is what keeps me alive
with in the poisons of this world
secrets they lye so deep inside
but through the ritual now unfurled
just one place to see what we are made of
our travels begin when all is calm
not the slightest movement of the body
our consciousness takes us where we belong
i can see the places i have never been
and things that are yet to be
come join the journey deep within
a psychonaut upon the endless seas
and now you feel your heart rate plummet
everything around you slows
and as you leave your earthly body
you’ll see now what’s rarely shown
objective thoughts are soon diminished
sub consciousness -ssumes control
and as you step aboard the platform
untie the knot and just let go
we will meet again in time my friend
if i never say goodbye my friend
upon the astral plane within
we’ll ride the fire once again
we’ll ride the fire once again