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letra de killers only - thf lil law


f-ck the law
thf law
trigger-happy handler
free the guys

k!llers only, n-ggas i’m hangin’ with
posted on princeton, can’t leave it alone, i got a gang addiction
i’m on my block, my opps know i’ll pull up and flame a n-gga (frr)
i don’t play, soon as i get location, sh-t get hit up (frr)
he lucky it jammed, cl!ckin’ that b-tch on his ass, they won’t let him get up
i hit a l!ck some years ago, b-tch, and i’m still up
biggest house on my block, i got it from juugin’ rocks and robbin’ n-ggas
i was fifteen, pops stopped givin’ me his wheel ’cause i had went sparkin’ in it (frr)
who ain’t did sh-t? i’m the reason a lot n-ggas ain’t with us (shh)
thf, ain’t too many like us left, shout out to no limit
thf, soon as they say it’s that, we gon’ do our business
we gon’ go and step all over n-ggas, blood on my new timbers
one of them guys, i seen i was him with my bad eye (still seen that sh-t)
it was up for a short period of time, n-ggas dead now
i charge seventy-five for a verse, i’m worth every dime
i was investigated for real trauma time after time (i ain’t say sh-t, shh)
i sat down in division nine, i ain’t drop no dime (shh)
i seen bruh’s statement on zoo case with my own eyes
when bruh was one of them guys, what the f-ck? i’ma get off tellin’ lies
bloggers givin’ rats bats to go and combat with the guys
if a blogger get stretched in the ‘raq, don’t tweak with me, that’s fine
1090 jake can break down every case on me, do that sh-t now
and they might say i popped a b-tch before, but i gave her that iron
then gave her that line, if them b-tches play, they walked ’em down
keep it street, i ain’t lettin’ no n-gga stab or jump on me
we can’t bump, they finna shoot, no one-on-one, gon’ bump my glee (frr)
toss a 4, kamiah made me tear up rappin’ that sh-t to me
i’ma ice out my lil’ niece, i’ma put ice on my daughters and keep them flee (flee)
i’m a trigger-happy handler
ayy, man, keep everything in the street, you hear me?
we ain’t tryna fix sh-t, we ain’t tryna rehab sh-t, you hear me?

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