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letra de 001 - thevindu


head so cambridge, skin so colombo
held your thoughts hostage, melanin runs through
king integration, that means that my maths cool
i’ll solve your equation,, without me your screwed

integrate your thoughts, hidden chains between the black and white
b b c have you fooled, trains of thought not right
open up your third eye, realise the people’s cries
act before we crumble, human race has stumbled

ignorant to severed spines, clueless to his pain
lewis’ land burn shrines, witness their disdain

game’s so f-cked up
but i’m all lucked up
integral’d at eighteen
on my way to make green
visualise my dream

a world where everyones a brother
no ones out to trouble each other
he, she, treated as equals
the path to eliminate evil

thinking bout the money
staying foolish staying hungry
conscience turned to greed
help the planet bleed

oil bleeds out of every pore
ungrateful to the very core
gas over lives, bringing about our own demise
isn’t it clearly obvious
that they’re merely flushing us
they’ve banked plentiful
to them we’re expendable

im the biggest hypocrite of two thousand fifteen
king kunta understands exactly what i mean