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letra de humdrum town - theophilus london


theophilus london lyrics

“humdrum town”

racing down this lonely road silence
i can hear that the rose you grew is turning ultraviolet
and i’m taken away and it’s safer to say that that
there may be a way and and and it could be today uh uh
despite the rain
and despite my aim
as a little kid didn’t like my name
but the smoke cleared and the streets got rain
i ain’t doing this for a check or fame
this right here is to relieve my pain
revive all the ears that hear the same
provide for my fam and the ones that came
for the ones that’s lost
and the ones that’s slain
lost my girl v at an early age
cry so hard when i turn that page
morning dew with a scent of sage
oh say oh

hey when the rain falls
and the night crawls down
yeah you got me here
in this humdrum town
oh oh
in this humdrum town
in this humdrum town

time turns over when gazing into the night
your sensations information is making it turn to life
to be near you just feels right
mountains and valley hikes
i brought the flowers to the picnic the linen is eggsh-ll white
and they say darkness falls i miss you more
two missed calls can’t take no more
this what brooklyn’s been waiting for all my life i stood patient for
but the town turned blue that’s the first i laid my eyes on you
now it’s us in this humdrum town i’m gonna keep my eyes on you you