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letra de right now - thedon


[hook] x3
listen to my music and you’ll feel it right now
i wanna be the realest when i spill it right now
i hide behind the mask but somehow right now
i can’t conceal it now, right now
right now

look at this pain i’m giving to you, it’s insane
all of these critics are acting so lame
acting like we are all in the same- boat
pretending like we are all in the same home
i wanna feel better, remain afloat
but i’m slowly drowning, pretending i’m clowning
as i begin to choke
i don’t expect you to understand what i’m talking ’bout
all the things i say, just know i say so i can talk it out
walk it out; i wish i could but i just chalked it out
now i lay in bed, all alone with my coffin out
i’m out of luck now… out of pain too
i wish i knew what this fame in this game do
i wish you knew what i was and what i came through
instead of judging me on what i can and i can’t do
maybe then, you would understand the hole i’m in
instead of thinking: “d-mn, he’s in the hole again?
yeah, yeah, depressive danny, we done heard it all
but we ain’t never seen you bleed or ever heard you fall”
maybe y’all need to check yourself another time
i write about pain and struggles in almost every line
not only i live it- for you- i even make it rhyme
so don’t pretend that my message is such a waste of time
’cause i’ll admit if it is- yeah- then so am i
’cause i’m the only guy that thinks that i am nothing fly
so don’t be thinking you know so many things about me
when i hide all my emotions and everything about me