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letra de heart skipped a beat - the xx


“heart skipped a beat”

please don’t say we’re done
when i’m not finished
i could give so much more
make you feel, like never before
welcome, they said welcome to the floor

it’s been a while
and you’ve found someone better
but i’ve been waiting too long to give this up
the more i see, i understand
but sometimes, i still need you

sometimes, i still need you [x7]

and i was struggling to get in
left waiting outside your door
i was sure
you’d give me more

no need to come to me
when i can make it all the way to you
you made it clear
you weren’t near
near enough for me

heart skipped a beat
and when i caught it you were out of reach
but i’m sure, i’m sure
you’ve heard it before

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