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what love is - the wiz (rapper)


you know what love is
you know what love is
you know what love is
you know what love is
(eja: love is….can you tell me what love is…)
they know what love is
we know what love is
i know what love is

[verse 1]
love is patient, love is kind
love is like a thousand things at the same time
what’s love? is it, the feeling you feel
the one that seems so surreal, enough to make someone squeal
or maybe something different, nother shade, the color purple
or pepsi commercials, baby, i’ll never hurt you, nooooo
maybe love is like a sidewalk or street, or something more concrete
like a valentines day treat
skip a beat, my heart does, when it hears of your love
like a dove flying high, gates open for the flood
not on drugs but it feels like, a little lsd, or maybe ecstasy
when girl you standing next to me
you get a whole lot of attention but ain’t feelin the love
just like when we hanging but it ain’t enough
and all the homies tell me that you want a thug
who got the nice whip whipping with the wood grain gripping
or maybe, thou shalt love thy neighbors
brothers sisters, mothers, fathers, even all of your haters
yeah they try to hold you back, erase you off the map
like crabs in a barrel they snip and they snap
but show em love, it pierces like an arrow tip
and if cupid shoots you best believe he will, not, miss
step on my soapbox & rhyme, cuz the bars so slick
makes you wanna hear a cool g rap like 4, 5 , 6
raised in the 6-7-8, born in the l-o-v-e
and that’s all that i show, so now it’s all that you see
and yet i felt the shame i touched the flames
i wanted pleasure, that comes with pain
went thru the rain, god broke the chains
was a slave to l-st, now master of domain
there’s more to love mane, than just a one night stand
picture frame for the gram, diamond ‘crusted ring;
seems like things changed, but i know real love endures forever
forever ever, infinitely beyond any measure
~and what a treasure that we get from above
and from an awesome higher power, it was sent like a dove
yeah we were made in his image, more than anything else was
from the plants to the trees, from the fishes to the bugs
but then we fell into sin, because the devil is a liar
and he turned up the fire, so god sent us a holy fighter
the messiah, redeemer, el-shaddai, said it was done
when he went on that cross, to die for our sins, man that’s looooooooooove

i know what love is
god is what love is…

it’s the wiz
and that’s what love is that’s what love is
so i just wanna thank yall for comin out tonight
you know what i mean
yall coulda been anywhere else in the world
buy your right here with me
and that’s love
that really is, it really is
but hey, while i still got y’all for about 2 more minutes
lemme just say man
god loves each and every one of y’all
no matter whatcha did, no matter whatcha said
he still loves you
completely, unconditionally, fully
and that’s beautiful man, that’s the most beautiful kinda love to me
so while we’re here man, let’s celebrate that love, let’s celebrate our life..
and let’s get it poppin, go ahead and get that two step goin…
and one, and two…