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letra de goin' mobile - the who


“goin’ mobile”

i’m goin’ home
and when i wanna go home
i’m goin’ mobile
well, i’m gonna find a home
and we’ll see how it feels
goin’ mobile
keep me movin’

i can pull up by the curb
i can make it on the road
goin’ mobile
i can stop in any street
and talk with people that we meet
goin’ mobile
keep me movin’

out in the woods
or in the city
it’s all the same to me
when i’m drivin’ free, the world’s my home
when i’m mobile

hee, hoo!
beep beep!

play the tape machine
make the toast and tea
when i’m mobile
well i can lay in bed
with only highway ahead
when i’m mobile
keep me movin’

keep me movin’
over 50
keep me groovin’
just a hippie gypsy

come on move now
keep me movin’, yeah

keep me movin’, groovin’, groovin’, yeah
movin’, yeah
mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, …

i don’t care about pollution
i’m an air-conditioned gypsy
that’s my solution
watch the police and the tax man miss me
i’m mobile
oooooh, yeah, hee!

mobile, mobile, mobile yeah

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