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letra de back down - the unicorn


[intro a]
people too mean for comfort

[intro b]
hey look
y’all need to stop getting so close, like what the f-ck
like, y’all toxic all of a sudden, little sh-t?

listen, y’all better back off before your back gets blasted off
too mean for comfort, little b-tches no one asked for
wanna battle king law for a vid?
thought it was a short time ago you just got beaten round i against a king
y’all don’t have nuttin’, so don’t talk about clout
dz creepy and toxic simultaneously, how?
i have a separate dark place in my heart for people who diss upon dequavis
makes me wanna rip theirs out
“you better give me the respect that i deserve or imma take it by force”
decide you smoking cannabis if you agree to this war
you’d need 10x the enzymes to break me down too
you’s fakes pretending to be something you ain’t
clowns, it’s 5:00, don’t arrive to ya job late
just pieces of toxic trash and you ain’t icy
actors, lackers look stupid beside me
you can deny what you are but you are too
goat be sucking jay legend’s d too
i’m 2x better, what you overhyping your bars 4?
you need your friends to fix your sh-t like a droid in star wars
i would flip your sh-t if the sh-t dropped
you’d be flipping mad as sh-t when your sh-t flops
hear me out ’cause you’ll be silent and we’ll hear drip drops
water pipeline gon’ be p-ssed off
y’all just bunnies in the road, and i’m the driver
y’all like passengers, and i’m the driver
y’all the putters, and i’m the driver
y’all insane, and i’m the driver
your wordplay takes l’s, mine has the world played
goat, f-ck your freestyles and the simple bars you regurgitate
sounded like there was a d-ck in your throat when you were dissing
it turns out you weren’t the one there who was spitting
that’s all i’m gonna give them though
that’s all
yup, that’s it
(more laughter)