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letra de dégénérations (english) - the stylites


your great-great grandfather cleared a little piece of land
your great-grandfather helped to plow the field by hand
and your grandfather took it, made it grow, and made it thrive
and your father sold it off and took a steady nine-to-five

as for you, young man, in the city all alone
in a one-bedroom loft, winter chills you to the bone
when you dream at night, you feel the shovel in your hand
as you walk the fields of that little piece of land

well, now, your great-great grandmom she had fourteen kids to raise
and then, your great-grandmom nearly followed in her ways
then, your grandmother had three and decided to prevent
and your mom had just the one, and she was an accident

as for you, little girl, different partner every night
and if anything goes wrong, you go to town and put it right
but in the silent morning, you can almost hear the sound
of a big kitchen table, all the children gathered ’round

your great-great grandfather’s dad was a depression-era man
and your grandfather’s dad counted pennies in the hand
and thank god your granddad became a millionaire
and your dad retired early to live off of his share

as for you, young man, you owe your soul to uncle sam
you can’t even get a loan, and n0body gives a d-mn
so to fight the temptation to commit armed robbery
you keep reading books about how to embrace a life of simplicity
your great-great grandmom and dad, they knew how to throw it down
and your great-grandmom and dad went ‘a swingin’ through this town
and your grandmom and dad; they sang, twist, and shout all night
mom and dad met at a disco, did you know? it was love at first sight

as for you, my friend, how do your evenings go?
can you break away from the television’s glow?
some things never change under any circumstance
put your new shoes on, kid, ’cause we’re going out to dance

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