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letra de mountain dew - the stanley brothers


down the road here from me there’s an old holler tree
where you lay down a dollar or two
go on round the bend come back again
there’s a jug full of that good ole mountain dew

oh they call it that good ole mountain dew and them that refuse it are few
i’ll hush up my mug if you’ll fill up my jug with that good ole mountain dew

now mr. roosevelt told ’em just how he felt
when he heard that the dry law ‘d gone through
if your liquors too red it’ll swell up your head
you better stick to that good ole mountain dew

the preacher rode by with his head hasted high
said his wife had been down with the flu
he thought that i o’rt to sell him a quart of my good ole mountain dew

well my uncle snort he’s sawed off and short he measures four feet two
but he feels like a giant when you give him a pint of that good old mountain dew