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letra de sojourner - the smashing pumpkins


there’s but one faun in the sky
who brooks like you and i
who sings his lullabies off key
who’s mystified you
nay, reminds you
of how life used to seem
but now, we’re together now
yet somewhere i must find
that somewhere i should be
and given eyes to lead
it’s i, sojourner, i
i, sojourner, lead
i know such tears are admirable
brought out of year and sensible
but all you’ll sight is not your kind
he’s setting up for nighty-night

palindrome, palindromes
so here you hear belief
and heaven’s on the beam
where i, sojourner, i
i, sojourner flee

in lieu of frozen flame
in step of temporal rage
as crucifixes i’ve played right through this
this waning spell of strange
yet somewhere i must somewhere find
that somewhere i should be
and given eyed to lead
it’s i, sojourner, i
i, sojourner, i

deus ex, unknown
deus ex machine atoned

‘twas briar ’round the maypole
sour milk disgraceful
and shot on the late-late show
yet then they rose
and like the rue he hath bloomed
love each other
love done true
i’m here with you
at home with you
if i’m younger
it’s you that’s moved
this wizened man
into the child

7’s i can learn
of heavens i can offer
a resurrection won off forever
as free as you can free
is free as i’ll consider
on slivers of the gray
we’re forever