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letra de my beautiful drug - the shoegaze project


i’m chained by your love, a contradiction

lost in the burning friction of my toxic crush

for you, oh for you, my enemy love

you’re the poison i crave, my beautiful drug

oh, for that’s the only love i’m thinkin of

and i can’t seem to keep my mouth to shut up

you are my, you are my, beautiful drug

venom that poisons me, can’t get enough

i see you in places i don’t want you to be

lost in the fractions of bad memories

and how i wish i could forget that smile

my heart knows it’s wrong, but your touch is vile

you’ve got me going crazy for miles and miles
and god, how i hate you, and now i cry out

“why did you leave me? are you even worthwhile?”

cause you let me drive myself wild and wild

my beautiful drug, my beautiful drug

lost in the waves, your love has got me screwed up

in this one-sided love, i’m forever stuck-up

my beautiful drug, my beautiful drug

lost in the love and cravings of touch

but i know you are the worst thing for me

you taught me to drink from the bitter cup

you said to me i’d never be enough

you broke my heart but your touch is addicting

lost for miles of my horrible dreaming
missing you but i can’t see so clearly

what do i really want? for i don’t know

i despise the way you make me feel sorrow

i hate you but i’ll chase you until tomorrow

i hate you but can’t help but beg for tomorrow

you’re the reason my heart is forever hollow

but i can’t escape the grip of your sorrow

i can’t escape the grip of your sorrow

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