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letra de the pow wow - the roots


once upon a time in 1994

the roots product is not just the roots product anymore, you know i mean, it’s theirs as well. so when we’re out there doing our sh-t, i mean that sh-t wasn’t fun. that sh-t was not, it wasn’t no f-cking peaches and dandy trip, it was f-cking hard work and sh-t, you know i’m saying


and i feel like i bust my ass for y’all, i wanna know what the f-ck this thing’s gonna happen before i bust my ass any further and not get anything out of it

well, if y’all are really that f-cking unhappy, all of y’all got problems with me, then maybe y’all should go somewhere-

see how f-cked up life truly is, is what she was really saying that, it don’t get no better than this, unless you got you’re own record label. that’s basically the point


the problem was, tariq, that when she got that phone call from you, she didn’t know where it came from. and then she feels like the management can’t handle the artist

how are you gonna tell me some sh-t like this?

you’re screaming at me, i’m just telling where the energy needs to go

i’ll get somebody on the f-cking line to-

ahmir, please tell him what the f-ck happened

it’s doesn’t matter
it matters that you f-cking, why you keep acting like, don’t talk about what i always talk about

this is what i’m talking about

what are you talking about? f-cking listen to me, i’m gonna disconnect

y’all still on the line?

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