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letra de in the music - the roots


(feat. malik b, p-rn)

[black thought]
yeah, i’m from the illest part of the western hemisphere
so if you into sight seein don’t visit there
it’s somewhere between jersey and delaware
philly never scared and them n-gg-z ain’t timid there
them young triggers lose lives by the minute there
it might start but the fight never finish there
they all f-cked up tryin to get the gingerbread
a few stacks be the price for a n-gg-‘s head
cops and robbers, cowboys and indians
clips and revolvers and george’s and benjamin’s
a celebration of the loss of your innocence
to you old self you’ve lost any resemblance
they say the city make a dark impression
the youth just lost and they want direction
but they don’t get the police, they get the protection
and walk around with heat like charlton heston, man

[chorus 2x]
it’s in the music, turn it up let it knock
let it bang on the block ’til the neighbors call the cops
the cops gone come but they ain’t gone do sh-t
they don’t want no problems, what are y’all stupid
it’s all in the music [6x]

[malik b]
it’s kinda ill how we grip these b-tches in the bonneville
it’s kind of a thrill, my mind it will spill, my nine it will kill
of course bro like crossbow, i bring the force though
hittin your guts splittin your torso
it’s colder than the north pole livin unlawful
i’m giving you a jawful of somethin awful
yo my theoretic is leaded, will come and set it
the sh-t bang and leave you diabetic for paramedics
i spit flames and get dames to get change
with pitbull bark and lock the shock
don’t bother me och, don’t you dare lie to me och
i don’t know, who’s this n-gg- that you try to be och
benefit of doubt had me think you in it for clout
big sh-t, send it for route and finish him out
joints stiff from rigor mortis
while we swimmin in waters, women with daughters
will have us n-gg-z sinnin with orders

[chorus 2x]