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letra de 03/07/2012 - the road to milestone


it’s the subtle thought that leaves a taste in my mouth
when we talk we all shout
but it’s not that simple

it’s a secret that we all had wished had never come
to our hands and it’s all taking to long
you can’t be gone
i thought that you should know
that i’ve decided to take this slow

we all decided that this isn’t
the end that they told us it would have been
don’t say it’s done, i’m not so far gone
we don’t always know what we need
you wouldn’t believe the things i’ve seen
don’t say it’s done i’m not so far gone
i never gave up cause i knew it’s let you down
well i’m trying, i’m trying

but i don’t make a sound
i miss you more every day now
the kind of pain that never goes away
back to robots always caught in our thoughts of a life without cause
but it k!lls us slowly
fire burns like the sun came to earth

and we all fell before it got a chance to hurt us
don’t say it’s like you don’t hear that day
it’s stuck on replay
don’t go away
rewind replay