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letra de hotbox freestyle - the real goonie jay


a lot of broken souls
a lot of broken homes
a lot of pieces to puzzle you can’t fit ’em all
i want to feel the way i feel when i don’t feel at all
lookin at my crystal ball
i wonder do you know it all
ugly when i’m broke
they think i’m handsome when the moneys long
emotionally broken but i’m fine because the weed is strong
i ran before i walked it’s not surprise i threw my balance off
talent isn’t everything without the work you won’t get far
and my fate became my best friend
time is of the essencе so i let ’em watch
pocket watchеrs be competing i don’t flex i do the job
run the game i lace my sneaks up and go out for a jog
five percent tints hotboxing see me through the fog
ninety five percent are faking another two percent are wrong
another two percent are p-ssy and one percent be putting on
i’m a legend i feel like i’m al capone without the mob
i’m a real one never had to scam to get it done
extend my hand for my people bite it once and you be gone
i done felt to many feelings i can’t talk about in songs
i done seem to many things i hope the feds ain’t seen at all
they build us up just to catch a laugh the times that we fall
and ignore and turn a blind eye the times that we ball
explain to me just what i owe you
why do you expect a song
why do you expect h-llos when you ain’t f-ck with me before
why do you pursue the highs and run away from all my lows
i know
you think i’m stupid like it’s all on accident and i know
i know you mad cuz i was patient and paid back what i owed
sacrificed all my blessings for the dream and i won
jealousy is real that’s why i always ride with my gun
never been the one brag about the dirt that i’ve done
my opps talking through the dirt i hear the ghosts in my songs
swear to god i’d do it twice if they come back tryna haunt