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letra de michigan - the promise drive


i haven’t seen you in so long
i hope that michigan hasn’t changed you
i’ve been hoping you would decide it’s time to come home
but maybe i’ve been wrong all along and home is where you are
i miss you tonight

northern lights and bitter cold
blankets of snow and ice on the asphalt
six hour flight exchange it all
for summer days, a muddy lake
a few more hours by my side

this distance is killing me
along with your smile and the photograph you sent me
why can’t michigan be a little closer to here?

i stare at the sky as the blue gives way
to shades of pink and orange
the heat rises up from the pavement
i’ll wish on the first star i see tonight that
you were still here

i’ll recreate your voice
by reading through your letters
because faking memories has got to be better than waiting

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