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letra de if it's all the same - the promise drive


here’s the end
the end of the year and of this feeling
the one that i have been holding onto for so long
did you lead me on?
i was so into you
i didn’t think that torturing was your style
but now i see all of this was all worthwhile

i guess it’s okay
i guess it’s fine
to finally see you
on the inside
a shadow of something
i thought i knew
i was found then i lost you

now i see that i must have been a bit over the top
well maybe i was a bit much for you
but you have to admit at least i tried
and you never cared no it was all the same to you

if it’s all the same to you
i’ll just leave quietly
come on in closer i need to see you
come home
i need to see the sun again
the sky is dark and the stars keep fading
you stand alone feeling sorry for yourself
heh… too bad guess it was all the same to you