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letra de home again - the polyjesters


well i had a wishing well that dried through the years
i feel i could fill it up if i could shed these tears
i’m on the lone again
where is my home again?

and i’ve tried to fill the gaps by finding friends of mine
but they’re busy buying things to occupy their time
they’re on the phone again
or no one’s home again

but i’ll sing for you to ease my mind
where have i been, what did i find?
did i find home again?

filled up the pickup truck to drive through the field
and i felt like seeing thе
it felt like homе again
but is this home again?

rolled back the windows, felt the wind in my hair
turned on the ; , he was there
he sounds like home again
has he been home again?

but he’ll sing for me to ease my mind
where has he been, what did he find?
did he find home again?
when hours feel like days or longer
feet must follow minds that wander
so i’ll take the time to be alone
my telephone will tell you i’m not home
oh, but i’m home

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