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letra de i love basketball - the kid remy


[producer tag]

[verse 1: 1990s]
1999 ring, chillin in san antonio
i’m not zion williamson, i will not be yo romeo
growing up black, i done made it through the cycle
finna three-peat, i ain’t talkin bout michael
ask me how i’m doing, i’ll be like “livin’ the dream”
finna win a ring with the rockets, feelin like hakeem
threepeat on a graduation, feelin like mj
99 street tendencies, that sh-t is a l bae
7th grade, i was a bad boy, kinda like the pistons
chillin in a palace, while yo house is up for listin’

[verse 2: 1980s]
finna go back to back, kinda like the showtime lakers
this some real sh-t, ain’t no muhf-ckin fakers
rap name the kid remy, have you really hеard?
ma dukes won a ring in 86, kinda like larry bird
ya boy still a virgin, i have yеt to share the cream
84 finals mvp, his name is kareem
all the hoes cheating, ain’t n0body to get lost in
building up a dynasty, i ain’t talkin boston
last name malone, i ain’t talkin bout karl
i know this doesn’t rhyme, but 83 goes to moses
teenage pregancy, brother, that sh-t is so tragic
happens when you least expect, dare i say, it’s like magic
i remeber devious l!cks, sh-t was just so hectic
last name maxwell, first name cedric
lovin’ all my bucks, but i ain’t never been to wisconsin
i can tell y’all hate condoms, kinda lke magic johnson
[verse 3; 1979-1969]
people say i’m weird, but that sh-t mostly ironic
before it was the thunder, brother, sh-t was supersonic
before it was the wizards, brother, sh-t was culled the bullets
door could say push, b-tch boy, you would still pull it
before there was dame, 1978 blazers
i get shorty beauiful, but you don’t have to glaze her
76 celtics, got some dude named jo jo
i don’t know bout y’all, but i remember classdojo
i like to think bout women, some of y’all be fairies
before there was steph curry, there was a guy named rick barry
1974 celtics, shout out havlicek
y’all boys are just mad, cuz you don’t have a check
shoutout flightreacts, you gotta stay off the weed
my knicks won in 73, shout out willis reed
it’s really really sad that some of y’all are laborin’
keep this sh-t 100, but i ain’t wilt chamberain
shorty loud as f-ck, so i call her walkie-talkie
before there was giannis, there was kareem in milwaukee
clutch corner 3, so we in the lead again
my knicks won in 70, shout out willis reed again
glad i’m done with school, so i can finally get some rest
chillin on the losing team, feelin like jerry west

[verse 4: zrv, modern era]
countin’ up my rings like i’m the lakers with the three-peat
2000, ’01, and ’02
you look like kobe in the locker room when i pull hoes through
and you like you won in it ’03, but that’s old news
f-ckin’ lame, quit flexin that old ass ring
anything that’s under 2010 ain’t a real ring
and anything that’s under 20 bands ain’t some real bling
and i got some questions that i gotta ask my favorite team
oklahoma, how the f-ck did you lose in the 2016?!
like you was up 3-1 and you had f-ckin’ kd!
i hope yo mama slap yo ass with baby powder
cuz if she don’t, i’mma slap yo ass and make you
look like a baby chowder
and then she gon need to have another motherf-ckin’ baby shower
i just bit my dog, they had to take the rabies out her
now you broke as f-ck, in to work with an electric scooter
ja morant, i’m finna beat yo ass for thinkin’ that you’re over
how the f-ck you gon’ be done, but sayin’ you a f-ckin’ shooter?
man, please go back to middle school with yo f-ckin’ tutor
and i’m still p-ssed that the heat lost the championship
see, park yo whip outta sight, so i’m sn-tchin’ that sh-t
see me spot up from the corner like magic and brick
ice on the block, and they opps on dashin’ the vic
opp cought a bullet in his head when he crashin’ the whip
now i got all the opps on my ass, i’m ecstatic as sh-t
and my team lose again, somebody head getting smacked with a brick
been on the game, if we lose, then i’m rackin a clip
35k, 1 game, i just got smacked in the hip
[outro: zrv]
i would only catch a body over a sports game
if my least favorite team won
that being said, i do have three bodies
(i do have three bodies)

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