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letra de hoodoo bash - the jeffrey lewis & peter stampfel band


[verse 1]
down at the station at one in the morning
there’s a trainload of strangers that just hit town
one has a top hat and one has a falcon
and although they just arrived, they know their way around

[verse 2]
out to a house at the edge of town
they’re bringing thunderbird wine and a pound of hash
come on along if you’re one of the people
’cause we’re gonna get the spirit down at the hoodoo bash
all them wizards from the south
came up special for the big turnout
golden blossom, singing bear
they’re gonna have a party and they just don’t care

[verse 3]
fasten your seatbelts, let down your hair
because tonight is the night we’ve been waiting for
people in trances and african dances
another kind of life is waiting behind that door

[verse 4]
we got supplies that will last for a week
so there ain’t nothing can stop us until we crash
when we have kids, we will tell them the story
’bout the night we got the spirit down at the hoodoo nash

magic mushrooms from singing bear
indian visions that’ll curl your hair
and golden blossom said she’d make
her dandelion wine and morning glory cake

[verse 5]
tell all your friends that you’ve gone out of town
and be prepared to go out of your natural mind
we’re gonna rise when the sun goes down
and when the spirit starts a-hittin’, you never know what you’ll find
[verse 6]
if you’re afraid, then you better stay home
because there’s no turnin’ back once the dice are cast
lovers or strangers, we’ll all go through changes
when we get the good ol’ spirit down at the hoodoo bash