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letra de pick me up - the format


and you
you’re gonna walk backwards
through the room
does that mean i won’t see you?
it means you walk backwards
through the room

tiffany’s crying
she’s dying to make it out of this h-ll
i just laught
’cause it was my job to be her help
but i’m in my bedroom
where friends won’t debate my health
like”how can he save some summer night,
when he can’t save himself”

you’ve got to pick me up
c’mon and pick me up
when i’m falling down
you’ve got to pick me up

cut to december
how can a scalpel tear into skin
revealing walks in the park
lord how can a heart
come from two separate organs
and you’re gonna make this simple
do you want to make me sweeter?
i know, i know, i know, i know
i’ll let you down
i’ll let you down

prescriptions scripting a timeline
swing sets, grade schools, and black eyes
first love, heartbreak, and true love
mistakes, heartbreak, and true love