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letra de nu sundae - the courtneys


if you wanna know now, baby
heart’s not set on a heart now maybe
if you wanna see how she be
hair is up on a snowfall deity

fear the one you most admire
it’s easy to be scared of the one you desire
hope is lost through observation
cut from your mind as a laceration

it’s so hard
it’s so hard for me to stay
it’s so hard
it’s so hard for me to say

but you’re walking around in the middle of the night
walking around in the neon light
tryin’ to find the words but they don’t seem right
thinkin’ of her in the urban twilight

entering your mind as the greys appear
and everything she says is so insincere
running through the field in a velvet gown
thinkin’ of him as the rain falls down
reaching for your last piece of silver lining

(oooh oooh wah oooh)

don’t try to hide your heart away
i don’t know what i want to say