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letra de not our revolution - the committee



brethren assemble, unveil our plan
devour resources and conquer their land
religion will fear, peasants will cheer
this whole f-cking nation will eat from our hand

gold flows from the west
agents dispatched with a mission
guns awaiting our hands
glory, hope and d-mnation
their numbers will count for nothing!
they will pay, in blood!

army and fleet, captured
anarchy ruling their minds
leaders and servants arrested
not even corpses are found
their numbers will count for nothing!
they will pay in blood!

murder, torture prevails
sanity, reason fails
gold, oil is divine
hunger, while we dine
procrastination, not our goal
obliteration, we take control

we know no borders, we know no limits
serving interests, of the veiled elites


from the darkness, from the cold
their monarch is slaughtered
we are cunning, we are bold
their religion is demolished
our gold and persistence
drops their army to their knees
our mission is completed
now we slaughter
now we feast