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letra de portland, maine and the pouring rain - the city on film


some people work for a living
and then realize that just living works
when i saw you smile up to the ceiling
it must have been my turn

a polaroid pose for a postcard
portland, maine and the pouring rain
i’m running to ready myself for the walk
across the rocks into the sand up on the docks to talk

and maybe can i hold your hand?
oh, why do i plan and plan? i don’t understand
i’m thinking of the ending to this movie
and baby, it’s bound to be tragedy. lucky for me

only had one night to dream together
till you’re flying and i’m losing t–th and crashing up cars
if we could brave the nasty weather
i better fake brave cause you’ve started something special inside of me

you’ve started the hard part, you’ve cast yourself smart
now if i could only stay awake, we could ride away
we’ll ride away to the sh0r- and kiss before the credits. and maybe i’m a hopeless case
oh, why? clumsy slip by the dark of the lake
i’m thinking of a way to smooth write this moonlight and i slipped into sleep, yeah

402, how lucky for you
i’ll write, you’ll write
alright, i might
i guess trauma boy dramatic lacks desire for anything drastic
would you look down here?

i’ll write, you’ll write
alright, i might
even though the morning rise was full of our eyes
they’re waiting for us outside

you left me full of philly but still so very empty