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letra de the butcher ballad - the breath brigade


in the land of cheltenham, a tale unfolds
of william butcher, with a forehead bold
his father, mark, a man quite free
yet pr-ne to bumbling, as you shall see

william, a lad with a towering brow
his forehead, a canvas that caused a wow
above his eyes, it proudly stood
a monument to thoughts and dreams pursued

mark butcher, a man of merry heart
in waitrose, he played an accidental part
with a glance askew, a bum crack revealed
to children wide-eyed, the sight surreal

their passion, cheltenham football club
a tеam they cherished with еndless love
from the stands, they cheered and roared
their voices united, forever adored

but one fateful day, at a wedding grand
a stranger’s comment, like a lightning brand
“ah, butcher scum,” the words did fly
setting their hearts ablaze, fueling the cry

a brawl ensued, emotions unleashed
as william and mark fought, their anger increased
fists clashed and tempers soared
their love for cheltenham, forever underscored
in the midst of chaos, on that day
the butchers stood tall, come what may
their foreheads shining, marks of pride
their love for each other, they couldn’t hide

for william, the forehead that stood so grand
and mark, whose accidental act was unplanned
their bond as father and son remained
through laughter, tears, and battles sustained

so let us remember the tale they wove
of william butcher and his father’s love
their quirks and passions, a unique blend
in cheltenham’s embrace, their spirits transcend

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