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letra de daze - the beu sisters



baby, am i in a daze? what is it about you?
i’ve never been this hazy, seeing stars and smelling daisies.
tell me i’m not going crazy say you feel it too.

i have been hypnotized and mesmerized by you.
i never met a guy that made me feel so good inside
and i can see it in your eyes you feel the same way too.
so what’s your secret how did you get me to fall for you?
was it voodoo?
i bet you knew i can’t seem to get you off my mind.
twitterpated all the time.

under your spell i have no chance
(baby i don’t have a chance)
star struck falling fast into a trance
(oh-oh i admit i) can’t resist it i get overwhelmed
with every kiss i fell under your spell.

life was predictable, till i was swept away.
my days were gray and dull i never thought it possible
that your love would be capable of showing me the way.
now i’m obsessed and each caress just makes me long for you.
what did you do? i bet you knew that i’m haunted by you all the time.
and baby i don’t mind.

[repeat chorus]

[bridge x4]
baby am i in a daze…

[repeat chorus]