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letra de 2 kings 25:1–7 - the austerity program


old king cole was a merry old soul but king zedekiah
he suffered nothing but grief
sits on a busted throne, head pounds in pain
like you could never understand
o jerusalem! you’re such a rotten town!
i could try to tell you but you’d never understand
you could never
you could never
some times kings must do what’s hard
ol’ zed knew it
put himself to it
chucked away his crown and you could never, you could never understand
chaldean guard goes to the king
down from his horse, out to the court, lines up his sons and rips those f-ckers down
and now he’s alone. kingdom, children – gone
when out of the field comes nebuchadnezzar the foe
and he’s just… gleaming
i can tell you one thing, man: just because they call you the king, it isn’t real
i can tell you one thing, man: they will build you up for a fall
i can tell you one thing i know
back in the saddle, back on the road
tears fall from holes where his eyes once were
sometimes kings get wiped out, p-ssed on, ripped up, cut down
sometimes kings get gone