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letra de broken hearts club - the audiots


let me undress you with my eyes
it’s not what it seems
don’t try to pin it all on me
you’re just as responsible
i wish i was 13 again
i’m coming home from school
stop thinking of our far fetched dreams
maybe they’re not coming true

i wanna feel you next to me
i see a tear running down your cheek
i wanna hold you in my arms
i wanna make sure nothing’s wrong
i’ll try my best this time
we can leave it all behind
but you just packed your things and left
now i’m lonely and depressed

broken hearts club, drinks are on me
it’s such a lonely place
you won’t get in for free unless
you are a pretty girl
come on get lost into the night
let’s just be crazy
i know that this isn’t the end
but it feels like it is