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happiness is overrated - the airborne toxic event


happiness is overrated

and speaking of
little miss catherine
i feel swell, oh well
because losing you
was something i always…

did so well
i guess i just can’t tell anymore
and the feeling i get when i see your clothes spread out on my floor
oh, i’m such a bore, i’m such a bore
i don’t do anything anymore
i just count these ceiling tiles falling to my floor

sorry, i nearly lost my head
i’m sorry, i nearly lost my head
but you know those words that you said
they get stuck here in my head
and this feeling i dread, it makes me wish i was dead
or just alone instead, i’ll be alone instead
i don’t need anyone in this bed
just these ceiling tiles falling through my head

sorry, i really lost my head
i’m so sorry, i really lost my head
oh, those words you said



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