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letra de jevil anime opening: break the cage (tv size) - thai mcgrath


break the cage!
life is just a game to play
where no one is to blame
let’s shake it up today
just take your turn now

strings of rules and plans you can’t see
words can make you fall
壁の外に、 now i can do anything
a magicians card deck, ripped and given false check
illusion, it’s oh, so cruel
just a tiny game piece, pre-determined set lease
oh, the people above you, the stars you stare to
座って笑プ、 doesn’t make much sense, しかし、いつか受けたい
(i’m not insane!)

life is just a gamе to play
where no one is to blamе
let’s shake it up today
no! if life is just a game, 私の出番だ
i’m breaking all the rules, and i think it’s your turn too

break the cage!
(don’t know why we’re caught in this life)
it’s your turn to play this game
it’s your turn