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letra de 1-800 skit - tha god fahim


[skit: sample & tha god fahim]
we interrupt our program to bring you this important message

(aha) hey folks, i’m tha god fahim
and if you were hurt in a car accident, work accident
or you just bust your ass in a accident, i’m the one you should call
you might be able to get paid (one phone call, that’s all)
so, for my services, call 1-800-sue-a-motherf-cker
it’s always a motherf-cker to be sued, that’s right

yeah! god fahim! that’s my motherf-ckin’ boy! (that’s right)
that n-gga got me paid than a motherf-cker
(1-800-sue-a-motherf-cker! 1-800)
sh-t, i ain’t even break a finger, y’nam’sayn?
(1-800, 1-800)
just a little minor fracture, broke a little piеce of my fingernail
n-gga, i got $150,000! god d-mn, man, i love you, man
(1-800, 1-800)
that’s my motherf-ckin’ boy

yeah, tha god fahim, that’s my bro, man
like, i totally tripped over a skate—a surfboard, at the beach, man
(1-800, 1-800, 1-800-sue-a-motherf-cker)
and i literally got sixty racks for it, man, sixty grand
(1-800, 1-800-sue-a-motherf-cker)
yeah, i’m gonna buy me an expensive b-tch
salute to tha god fahim for his awesomeness
(1-800, 1-800-sue-a-motherf-cker)
so if you were in an accident, hit me up
i mean, it’s a accident, it’s somebody’s fault
i mean, these things don’t just happen, i mean godd-mn
and you don’t want no lawyer all up in your pocket
studyin’ the case, all up in your business, n-gga want like 80%
come to me, i want ’bout 60
nah, make that 65
nah, f-ck it, 70, that’s cool (hustle!)
y’nam’sayn? it’ll be good
(1-800, 1-800-sue-a-motherf-cker! 1-800)

yeah, n-gga
so if you done busted your ass, or you think you bust your ass
tha god fahim got you, tha god fahim attorney’s offices, n-gga
(1-800, 1-800)
hit them up, y’nam’sayn? 1-800-sue-a-motherf-cker
there’s always a motherf-cker to be sued
good day, gentlemen

sue that motherf-cker twice ♪
and we’re out, hit us up, 1-800-sue-a-motherf-cker
it’s always a motherf-cker that need to be sued
accidents don’t happen by itself!