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letra de economics - tha god fahim & cookin soul


[intro: the musalini, tha god fahim & producer drop]
let’s whip these n-ggas’ asses, kid
word up
cookin soul

[verse 1: tha god fahim & sample]
what’s the measures of a man? i say mind and morals
corrupted pleasures of a man; a closed mind is torture
growth is mandatory, we live and we learn
you only get a turn; when kings come to term, we build
you gotta go and earn
the ones that stay true reap the blessings
i stay close to the essence, n-ggas gettin’ hit with arrows to the head
these streets is [?]; the art of war’s to keep the enemy guessin’
the brain is a weapon used to battle the depressions
ring the alarm, no negotiation or surrender
the spoils to the winner, the spoils to the winners
stand down, we major when it come to figures
and i’m only poppin’ out if dollars legal tender
product, i be a vendor, package sent and delivered
get money, get out your feelings
my everyday evolution titanium steel factor
a master practitioner – you front and the steel catch ya
study the economics, i penetrate diameters
unlimited stamina, heights above all the amateurs
my features, uh— lyrical loch ness creature
defeat ya; beware, ’cause i’m hungry and i’ll eat ya
permit styles, permit sounds
gettin’ dollars by the pound, been doin’ this for years, i’m still ’round
the realization of dreams, battlin’ kings, feedin’ the fiends
no comprehendin’ the war we fixin’ to bring
beatin’ beats like heavy bags, turnin’ rhymes into heavy cash
no weapon formed against the wave; we make heavy splash
tearin’ rappers to shreds, we royalty, so we break bread, take cred
it takes talent to make money

[verse 2: the musalini]
mus, uh
pharaoh don
mashin’ on the game, swear the passion still the same
all these b-tches on my line, i got business on my mind
properties i gotta buy; ain’t no seeds in my high, h-lla p all the time
woke up out the bed, then i got head
then i had steak and eggs; shorty tryna lay up
i’m out the door, instead
do the knowledge and you always stay ahead
the hustle don’t stop, i’ma always get a check
re-up and invest, independence at its best
yeah, real playas on the set

[outro: samples]
because black folks make money, too, right?
it’s not ready to work
’cause when i make money, i can make a lot of money
if you really care about me, just show me how to make money!
yeah, tell me: how do you make money?
being myself make money

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