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letra de journeydoesntstop - th3 ay3s


[part 1]
on this winding road we roam
through valleys deep and mountains high
with every step, we learn and grow
the journey doesn’t stop, it’s our endless sky

through storms that rage and oceans wide
we push ahead with hearts so strong
in every challenge, we find our guide
the journey doesn’t stop, it’s where we belong

with stars above to light the way
we’ll keep on moving, come what may
for in each moment, a new story unfolds
the journey doesn’t stop, as our destiny holds

[part 2]
in the moonlight, we’ll find our way
through the shadows, come what may
feel the freedom, in the air we breathe
together, we’ll never leave

so run with me, through the night
hold my hand, feel alive
we’ll chase our dreams endlessly
just you and me
on this journey, side by side
no looking back, no need to hide
heartbeats racing, as we go
into the unknown, watch us glow

so run with me, through the night
hold my hand, feel alive
we’ll chase our dreams endlessly
just you and me

[part 3]
through the valleys and over hills
our spirits soar as time stands still
with every step we take in sync
together strong as we link

so run with me through thick and thin
our bond unbreakable within
we’ll conquer all that comes to be
just you and me

feel the wind rush through your hair
as we race without a care
with every stride our souls ignite
in this moment pure and bright
so run with me into the dawn
embrace this life that we’ve drawn
our love will guide us endlessly
just you and me

[part 4]
justin sidayuh, smooth as ice
met kara bowtsack, a dangerous spice
in a dirty club where the freaks unite
latex skin suits, and milk with vodka in sight

vt on the floor, chaos in the air
harry and kara feeling something rare
turned on by the filth, turned on by the sin
in this twisted world, they both fit right in

dirty deeds in the neon light
sick desires burning bright
in this club of debauchery and l-st
justin and kara find their trust

[part 5]
can’t somebody help her calm her down
can’t somebody help her walk her out
can’t somebody let her know
if he once was my man
i can have oh anytime
i can take him time i want
won’t somebody let her know
i can take him back bro

one i said i’ll always be true
he’ll come back to me, that’s nothing new

in the moonlit glow, i shed my skin
everything i used to be, fades within
at midnight, i’m reborn in the night
a new beginning, a fresh start in sight

old habits fall away like leaves in the wind
the darkness embraces me, my soul pinned
i rise from the ashes of who i was before
at midnight, a new chapter to explore

staring at the ceiling, feeling so numb
questioning existence, where did i come from?
is there a point in living, or is it all just a game?
searching for answers, but everything feels the same

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