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intervention collateral - tfam


double barrel shotty to your head i’m getting fed b-tch
always aim down sights never aim from the hip b-tch
no place is safe i got the thermal scope it’s just a helpful tip
f-ck a steady aim pro i got a slight of hand flow
makishima with the razor i slit your f-ckin whole throat
go and try to tell me sh-t i’ll never hear from you again
k!ll you fast one shot k!ll go and chill like kagari then
this bullets gonna end your streak so its best you go leave a note
haters wanna talk some sh-t but they would never beef for real
i only do me but fools just wanna start some sh-t and squeal
when you see me on the stage never think im there to play
i only wanna start a pit make security go away
smoking good f-ck the rest all we needs our very best
f-ck your test b-tch we smoking dutches in the big tex
that’s no stretch if we see a swisher that sh-ts going hex
that’s my quest we k!ll sh-t on the beat like we’re f-ckin next