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letra de fly away - teyana taylor


boy i don’t need n-body just me nd u
it’s the truth [laugh]…

boy i don’t need n-bodi just me nd u
it’s the truth
cause u know that wen your not around it
ruins my day u make it special
let’s fly away

follow me 2 the stars (stars)
nd the moon where the skies turn blue
let’s fly away
i’m impressed by the things u do
2 young but i’m n love with u
u kno u take me on a natural high
let’s fly away


float with me 2 e-ternity
blessed indeed (hey)
let’s fly away
baby will… will u come w| me
just say u will (will)
let’s fly away


now that your here with me
u shud just stay with me
nd picture how great it cud b
all of the joy u bring
it means so much 2 me
baby come fly with me

lookin at u boy
i’m feeln ya swagga
nd i ain a dude but i mite try bag ya
teach u ya abc’s lyk
frankie lymen’s
i’m a queen u cud b ma king ma royal highness
fly away 2 da foreign islands
lay low nd a resort lyk da
king a knowledge
don’t need n-bodi boy
jus me nd u
cause dey need a p-ssport
inorder 2 find us

let’s fly away 2 the stars(i don need n-bodi 2 kno)
let’s fly away 2 the moon
oooo baby i’m with u
sooo won’t u come with me