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letra de notice - textkill


[verse 1: textk!ll]
doing h-lla sh-t, yeah, just so you notice
smoking on that weed, yeah, just so you notice
b-tch, i’m down and i swear that you notice
talk h-lla tough, then we spraying the whole clip
korosu kult, b-tch, and that’s over your clique
why you hating? yeah, why you on d-ck?
walk up, b-tch, and i know i’m the sh-t
tool on my hip, b-tch, i carry around the bl!ck
draco with a beam on that b-tch
told that b-tch, yeah, swallow my kids
got rich, yeah, so i fancied up my kicks
know these hoes too well for they tricks

[verse 2: heroinsick]
yeah, i’m posted in the party with my jits
don’t run down, p-ssy boy, you getting, huh?
don’t run down, p-ssy boy, you getting hit
one, two, three on you, get you f-ck–, .223 on me, get you hit
my pockets too fat, i ain’t never hit the gym
when you try to ball, yeah, you always hit the rim
talking all that sh-t, my little brother switch your sim
yeah, i’m high as f-ck, in the back of the lamb
posted up with textk!ll, we whipping that ho’
got one-eighty on the dash, like f-ck the brake, i ain’t going slow
she gon’ come back to me, ’cause how i hit her, i’m the goat
your b-tch bump me, in the b-tch, yeah, she f-cking with my flows
what you trying to know? you don’t want to know

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