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letra de true american hate - testament


true american hate

fear nothing, say nothing
pledge allegiance to what’s right
the future in question
revolution overnight

for all the disservice
into peril we fell
my instinct ticking like a time bomb
the human race implodes

some choose to celebrate
some choose to hate
some choose to live their life
through someone else’s pain

all those who follow
all those with faith
show us your colors, american hate

true american hate (hate!) [x3]

stand up and be counted
stand up for what’s right
fall to resurgence
intuition overnight

the final plot in question
evil mind overturned
so many flags of hate
so many nations scorned

stand tall and be proud
is there an end in sight?
ever since conception
always fighting for you life

underneath the surface
there toils your h-ll
i’m ticking like a time bomb
watch the world explode