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letra de 0 to 100 (freestyle) - tenn buick


i spit it like saliva, cl!ck cl!ck boom
i’m ralphin on these alices, straight to the moon
you better cover up your heart like the temple of doom
i’m like bugs with these elmers, what a maroon
time to clean up the bullsh-t, hand me a broom
this ain’t a halloween party, you better lose the costume
all year you’re trick or treatin’ on your twitter page tweetin’
feedin’ sh-t to blind fans, i got eyes, i see things
minions listen and they buy what you sell ’em
but you hijacking flows like they goin’ to pelham
tell me what i gotta do to be one of the who’s who
all i really want is some views on youtube
punchlines, fresh rhymes don’t mean what they used to
my flow is lame? huh, excuse you
i spit it so raw that she like the way that i talk
t-e-double-n buick like a skylark
got these dudes trippin’ like they hit some bad dro
‘cuz im bout to put a corkstop in your cash flow
i monopolize the birds man, let these cats know
that i get a couple hundred every time i p-ss go
yeah i see ’em in the street, they like omg it’s tenn
and the way i check the kitties call me ob/gyn
ha, tenn you such a showoff, it’s true that i am
yes ma’am, when i step in front the camera godd-mn
you could feel the flame ignite when i get behind the mic
‘cuz my flow is known to strike like margera, yes bam
i’m a boy meetin’ world you can call me ben savage
call me yogi bear yo, i’m smarter than the average
kidnappin’ rappers and holdin’ ’em captive
i was born to the hustle, you just f-ckin’ adapted
aimin’ for these rappers, i’m makin’ a checklist
slice an mc up and eat him for breakfast
‘cuz my tongue is so sharp like the knife in my pocket
and every time i’m on the mic you know i’m gonna rock it
so bring on a showdown, i’m ready to throw down
you marvin k. mooney motherf-ckers should go now
you underestimated me that’s not my fault then
flow richie rich like macaulay culkin
imma put these rappers in the corner sulkin’
heard the drama start from the time that i walked in
so put ’em up then, better say somethin’
call me bruce banner boy, the way i stay hulkin’
put your hands up, this is the anthem
t-e-double-n will blow your mind like a magnum
357, you punks feelin’ lucky?
engine’s revvin’ it could get real ugly, trust me
wonder why you stay bustin’, you was granny shiftin’ boy
i was double clutchin’
you rappers whine too much man, you out of grapes
you been on the couch too long boy, you out of shape
i just did biceps, five sets of five reps
don’t ask to work in, i got about five left
way that i flex, got ’em in a hissy fit
turn heads? i break necks, d-mn yo, is he fit
it’s a blessing to check me, i’m the spanish inquisition
you don’t f-ckin’ expect me