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letra de roadie - tenacious d



well it’s 3pm, time to lug the gear
gotta get it on the stage
my muscles flex, my f-ckin’ sweat will save the day

when i check the mic, i f-ckin’ check the mic
i f-ckin’ checka-checka one, two, three
i plug it in, i make a sound as good as can be

cause the rockers rock, but the roadies roll
gotta take the mic because i take control
gotta get that sh-t up on that f-ckin’ stage

because the roadie knows what the roadie knows
and the roadie knows that he wears black clothes
and he hides off in the shadows off the stage

because the roadie
looks a thousand miles with his eyes
and when the crowd roars
brings a tear drop to the roadie’s eyes
tears of pride

because he brought you the show
but you will never know
he’s changing the strings
while hiding in the wings
no matter how hard, the show must go on

then a beautiful girl come to me
she say, “hey can i sucka your d-ck?”
i say, “yays, i am in love”
then she quickly say, “i sucked your d-ck
now give me that backstage p-ss
i do not want you roadie, i want kg’s chode”

i’m standing at the threshold of your dreams
without me there’d be no sound from those amps
without me there’d be no lights on the stage
but you don’t applaud for me

no, i am the roadie!
lonesome warrior searching for his soul
no, i am the roadie!
i make the rock go!

roadie, roadie, roadie!

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