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letra de flutes and trombones - tenacious d


flutes and trombones

[jb] kage?

[kg] wha? hey, wh-what’s happenin’?

[jb] what are you doin’ here?

[kg] oh i just, uh, i think i forgot somethin’
just, ya know

[jb] wait a second, it’s like 2am, in the middle of the night

[kg] yeah?

[jb] and you’re here in the recording studio alone?

[kg] so?

[jb] so whattup? explain yourself

[kg] i just had to, ya know, come back and uh…

[jb] what i-what’s that behind your back?

[kg] it’s just

[jb] is that a flute?
dude, are you comin’ in here at night with a f-ckin’ flute
and layin’ down flute tracks?
you godd-mn motherf-ckin’ stupid piece of sh-t!

[kg] what’s behind your back?

[jb] what do you mean?

[kg] what’s behind your back?
what are you doing out here anyway?

[jb] what do you mean what am i doing here?
what are you doing here?

[kg] what? what are you doing here?
you’re on my sh-t about being here
what are you doing here?
what do you have behind your-that’s a trombone!

[jb] so what? i was gonna, lay down, f-ck you!
i’ll fight you!