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letra de ravenous eyes in the distance - temple of void


the final bell chimes – the warning of dusk
the echoing of slamming doors; and shutters pulled in tight
such eerie silence, not a clack on cobblestone
just the howl of the night winds, as they push against your back
a wary traveler seeking shelter from the night
a place as good as any other, but clearly something is not right
but then you see it: a glow on the hill
slowly drawing closer – getting larger in your sight
ambiguous rider with features coming clear
a sudden fear of danger as its steed grows near
the bleached bones of a skeletal horse gallop forward, raising pace
ghastly rider. flowing, tattered cloak
shrieks out and beckons his gnarled hand
pallid flesh on a sunken face with eyes of fire beaming out
you turn to run. you bang and scream on every door in sight, but no one will answer – you’re now tonight’s sacrifice. evil hexwraith. vampiric creature of the night vaults into the air, striking down, preying on your life
screams yield no answer
blood covers the ground
soulless eyes of the wurdulak
is your last memory