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letra de castlevania - tempknight harrison


talking to satellites
i’m tryna live a better life
wore mask before corona
s-d-stic thoughts of a stoner
whole city scared of water
sippin mud
dodging flash floods
speed racing the sp-ceship
on the way to get paper up
chillin in my lair smoking papers
feel like the himalayas
plug hit my line with some fire
i’ma pay em later
i logged out the matrix
had to get my plan right
ghetto birds in the night sky
black air forces
silent voices
empty promises
n0body worried about consequences
my rent due
i need some food for my kitchеn
start the engine
lеave that n-gga missing
anybody ask i was trippin
lake mead deep sea fishing
vegas valley eastside living
i heard you want milwaukee
let me make some coffee
in parking lot of home depot
where the squad be
smash and grab
hundred meter dash
braking tackles
i should have won a heisman
like i’m reggie bush
ain’t never been a pus
unless i’m face deep
i still got clout
didn’t need the streets
come get yo ass beat for something less
i want what’s in your chest
it was cold on a wednesday
rained every birthday
my memories from childhood
lead to trill thursday
purple drank double guppin
my n-gga i was thirsty
religion wasn’t working
i guess god put a curse on me
fast forward a few years
i’m speaking on the f-ckery
you cuffing hoes
just cuff hoes
learn the game homie
i rolled a natural twenty
read the book
saw the movie
my experience can’t duplicated
i’m stick of being under estimated
all that weak sh-t outdated f-ck n-gga
come make art for the culture
k!ll vultures
this for the real ones
doing anything to make funds
smoking reclaim
not giving a f-ck about they lungs
i was sleeping on a cloud
woke up on the concrete
swimming in bad betty
kush mints changed my heartbeat
daily grapes happy mistakes
every brush stroke turns into gun smoke
i still chief with my tribe
there ain’t no way you can hide
real ones multiple
f-ck n-ggas divide

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