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letra de everyone loves to talk about things - tek lintowe


it’s not… looking good

[verse 1]
i introduce myself, ah
i introduce myself as casey ’cause they find it on tek anyway
eventually, ah
and i fell out with hennesy ’cause recently i’ve been consuming these pharmaceuticals and that’s how i like it, better
i bought a hat at a gas station it got a penguin on it, that’s really funny, ha-ha
but anyways, back to the joke talk
i got a girlfriend that likes dxm and i don’t do that anymore but i f-ck with it still
and why the f-ck would you touch dph? that sh-t’s a form of self-harm, i don’t care what anyone says
i’m not cereal, i stay frosty but i don’t f-flake
losing pinks, i’m going on a gender bender
are you serious? oh my gosh, on lord’s sakе
i’m on the house that sits on top of the lakе
my microphone is only decent, it’s an at2020
it has mid-blown residue in it and it sits inside of a scarf that sits inside of a cup with some feet on it
that’s really f-cking crazy if you think about it, yeah
lakehouse (lakehouse)
lakehouse, lakehouse (lakehouse)
blowing up, (getting fat) getting fat (getting fat)
lakehouse (lakehouse)
lakehouse, lakehouse (lakehouse)
blowing up, (blowing up) getting fat (getting fat)
yeah, (yeah) yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah (woo)

[verse 2]
i’m gonna spam the internet until i die ’cause i never give a f-ck
about anything anyway
i’m gonna spin it down and down and down again until there’s nothing ever was to begin with anyway
i never made a wrong judgement and i make the perfect diagnosis everytime
i was trying to get a deuce but i did not consider that that sh-t’s from overseas so it cannot be poured up with some limes
the federals are extorting me for 8600$ but i will never in my life
pay those type of fines
and they’re gonna have to come find me
’cause i don’t even have that type of money on me right now
but hopefully one day, and then one day it will all be so
not gray
’cause after rain
there’s some flowers
but i feel like i’m flooding
that’s what my boy roy said but he was kinda buggin’
yeah, i got a shovel and i’m gonna dig a hole